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expect more than sweets

our mission

To be a global leader in spreading joy by creating pure and innovative experiences when indulging in food

our Values

We believe that a positive and significant impact can only be made after years of learning and perfecting the trade.

By using the best quality ingredients in the market, and top-notch hygiene measures, we look to earn the trust of our customers and delighting them with unique palatable experiences.

ethical sourcing

When we procure raw materials, we ensure that they are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making/cultivating them are safe and treated fairly, while in a stable environment.


We have hugely relied on the usage of sustainable energy while working towards eliminating plastic, across all verticals of production. We also ensure that all elements that deteriorate the environment directly or indirectly are minimised within the business, and focus on increasing sustainable business practices.

strengthening community

As we expand our business, we also create job opportunities for people within and outside the community. Our goal is to empower people with a stable income and a chance to nurture their careers, further fortifying the trust placed in us.

opportunities for all